Custom puzzle pages for your fans and brand

Drive engagement with Wordle-like puzzles in a custom design with puzzles specific to your followers or audience.

Customization options and features

Put a twist on the game with different rules and match your personal or brand design.

Schedule puzzles

Plan unlimited puzzles to be automatically published in the future.

Any word length

Your selected puzzle solutions can be up to 20 characters long.

Add hints and awards

Guide players with a hint or show them a special message for solving a puzzle.

Custom title and logo

Greet players with your own logo for your puzzle page.

Switch game info

Write your own help text and swap out the example words for your own themed words.

Your own colors

Match your own website colors or corporate identity.

Puzzle statistics

Check how your puzzles performed and how people fared.

Highscores and Rankings

New! Players can submit their scores to a leaderboard, featuring seasons for a time frame of games.

Next puzzle countdown

Let players anticipate the next challenge with a timer.

Dictionary upload

Define specific words to be allowed in your puzzles or even only allow your own words.

More features...

...coming soon! Your subscription supports continued development!

Compare plans and pricing

Create your own branded word game with a custom interface and scheduled puzzles.


$19 /month

Everything needed for your own custom puzzle page.

  • 100 Players / Week
  • Schedule unlimited puzzles
  • Change logo and design
  • Puzzle countdown timer
  • Customized dictionary
  • Puzzle archive
  • Powered by branding


Most popular!

$69 /month

More engagement with a puzzle page tailored to your business.

  • 1,000 Players / Week
  • Everything in Personal
  • Commercial Use
  • Markdown formatting options
  • Statistics and Analytics
  • Highscores and Rankings


from $199 /month

A bespoke puzzle page for your high-volume campaign or event! The best solution for a one-off page.

  • ∞ Players / Week
  • Everything in Business
  • Priority Support
  • Webhooks and Zapier integration
  • Bulk CSV import
  • Full white label with your own domain
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The team at WORD.RODEO has been an incredible resource in helping us bring our custom word game vision to fruition. Highly responsive, attentive and committed to delivering a quality service.

Our followers have been loving our daily Miami-themed puzzles, all thanks to quality customization features on Word Rodeo.

If you want to add a word-based puzzle to your brand or web strategy, you cannot do any better than It's feature-rich and dead simple to use, and the support is unmatched. A solid 10 out of 10 for us! You'll love it!

Hi! 👋 I'm Rohit. Thank you for checking out! I came across Wordle. I played with my 7-year-old kid and we were both immediately hooked. I am running this to provide this extra service for a small fee to ensure the longevity of the project, without resorting to intrusive ads or other questionable methods.

Feel free to play around. Your subscription ensures that keeps doing development of awesome new features!