Use Wordle for Education



With classrooms going digital and laptops and tablets becoming a means of education, are you, as a teacher, looking for ways to engage your students more every day? We at offer a creative solution to this problem by assisting you in developing your own word game ideas and giving your students an immersive educational experience. This provides an interactive, engaging and fun atmosphere for kids to learn and get exposed to new information.

Our platform is highly customisable, and you can be more involved in your student's studies in a fun way—for students ranging from kindergarten all the way up to senior year. can motivate students to engage in critical thinking about a subject via written language or research projects that require them to examine, speculate, draw conclusions, and assess a selection of word clouds relevant to the Word at hand. can be used as an addition to your teaching methodology in various contexts, such as pre-class activities and games. This is an excellent technique for engaging students in the material and getting them thinking when introducing a new topic or idea. Children who use will be able to connect terms that are already familiar to them, even if it's just two or three words.

We believe that learning needs to be interactive and fun. An educational experience can be immersive, and we aim to help bring that transformation. As a reason, we offer a 50% discount for educational institutes.

To test how it works, you can visit our homepage and select your customisation options. You can choose to add a word of up to 15 letters. As a cherry on top of all this, we offer the game in three languages, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Make learning fun again with!