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This weekend was a test to see how many awesome features I could possibly add to

The first thing I wanted to try is signing up for some Chrome Origin Trials to enable experimental features like Declarative Link Capturing and Launch Handler (which replaces the former in Chrome 98) to launch an installed PWA when clicking a matching link.
I don't know if I succeeded in implementing this, but on Android I was able to enable the PWA to open links manually by registering it as a default handler for the domain, but this option might've been there from the start anyway.

Many people like to play on 'easy' mode and just mash random keys into the puzzle to see which letters stick. To prevent this I added a dictionary lookup for some languages that will prevent that if the option was enabled. This even works offline (after you downloaded the dictionary at least once)!

Next was more offline capabilities. You can now create and share your puzzles even while sitting in an airplane, thanks to cache storage and sharing via a QR code that you can display!