Introducing Highscores

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A screenshot of a table with highscore submissions by different players. They are ranked from the highest score to lowest.
Seasonal rankings for players.

A new and highly anticipated feature just launched on WORD.RODEO: Highscore submissions and leaderboards. Let players compete for the top ranking spot!

Starting today, Business plan subscribers can enable the Highscore feature in their account, which will allow your players to submit their name and score at the end of each game. How you use it is completely up to you! Maybe the first player to solve each day's puzzle receives a shoutout on your social media channels? Or send a special coupon code to the top 10 players at the end of the season.

Enable Highscores

Tick the checkbox in your account settings and hit save to start receiving highscore submissions from your players. As usual, this feature is completely optional and respects the players' privacy. Players may also opt to submit their email address (to receive prizes, for example).

You don't need to do anything else. After a while and once a few games have been played, you can start looking at the highscore tables on each individual puzzle. This view also allows you to sort the leaderboard by either the custom calculated score, their time it took to solve the puzzle or when they solved it, to see who truly was on first.

To view player performance across multiple puzzles, you can create "Seasons" that will allow you to set a start and end date. All highscore submissions across this time frame will be aggregated together and combined for each player name (see screenshot above). Click the envelope to send or copy a player's email address.

- Julian

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