Classrooms Have a New Fun Element - The Wordle Game!



The present world is undergoing immense innovation. Everywhere that you see, education is proposed in a unique manner. When it comes to nurturing a child, the knowledge of English, sentences, words, vocabulary, and grammar, is undoubtedly one of the most vita And, for your child to have the edge over others, playing the custom wordle game is a one-stop solution. By now, you might have already witnessed the whole world going crazy over this game, and for all the right reasons.

Hold On, How Do You Even Play Wordle?

It might happen that you are not among those who are thorough with this custom puzzle idea. Let us, therefore, check out the plain rules of this game.

  1. You need to choose a five-letter word
  2. Then, you will have six attempts in guessing what the word stands for
  3. As you keep on guessing, after each guess, the tiles will change color disclosing how near you were to choose the right word
  4. The Wordle experts have stated their two cents - Write down the starter words that knock out the regular letters. For instance, ‘Adieu’ is filled with vowels, whereas others vouch for ‘swear’ and ‘tears’.

So, How Can Custom Wordle Be Incorporated Into the Classroom?

This game has a major role to play in modifying the learning process. Gone are the days when learning was only about mugging up from textbooks, let us check out how this can be used in the classroom.

  1. Schools can try and implement the game as either a warm-up paired with a random word or indulge in the word from the day’s lesson.
  2. Propose a new Wordle every day for the students to engage with, they will have the chance to gain knowledge about vocabulary. Once they’ve solved the Wordle, instruct them to go over its definition, and experiment with its usage for the remaining period.
  3. Turn on the fun element by having the students conduct a Wordle game with their classmates.
  4. Make the holidays and events a bit more innovative and engaging by introducing theme-based Wordles like Spring or March Madness or Pi Day, and so on.
  5. As the students get captivated by this custom puzzle, start examining if they can generate a mathematical formula based on which all letters and the positions act as the perfect first plays.

Innovative Approaches of Carrying Out the Wordle Game

Teachers around the globe are coming up with the most ingenious approaches to incorporating this game. While one teacher posted on Twitter how she plays with the custom wordle game on the whiteboard. She went ahead to say how the whole discussion enthusiastically revolved around vowel combinations, letter combinations, and more.

On the other hand, another teacher described how they made use of the printable wordle template. Not everyone has time for DIY, therefore, he just went ahead and printed a big version of the wordle game. Another instance speaks of how absorbing the session of Wordle game has been after the usage of scrabble tiles to spike the kinesthetic element. Certain students like to process their thoughts on an offscreen place and scrabble tiles or even a notepad do the work perfectly.

Some other ways to play with the game are using a custom wordle app right as you wake up, trying out different platforms offering the game, and so on. No wonder parents will be greatly benefitted from the custom puzzle - as they see their child maturing fast.